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GOM Player си остава любимия ми плейър, с който гледам различни видео материали. Отдавна забравих какво е да инсталираш кодек пакети, защото GOM си има всичко build-in. Пък ако случайно му дотрябва някой кодек, специалния Codec Finder ви насочва откъде да го изтеглите. Чиста работа!

GOM Player

Последни промени:

→ Version

  • Supporting AVC Video codec on FLV Local file / Network File.
  • Supporting AAC Audio codec on FLV Network File.
  • Putting the skin image file in order.

→ Version

  • Fixed the bug that brought the DVD back to the beginning when playing after pausing.
  • By using the TAB key, you can now see see how far along in the video you are due to the new implemented time function.
  • Fixed the subtitle file bug that that crashed on the initial code page.
  • Fixed so that subtitles can now be set between 0.1 seconds and 1.0 seconds to your preference.
  • On the Right Click menu, the option to full screen will now correctly fullscreen, instead of maximizing as before.
  • Fixed the bug that did not allow the execution of an entry of ASX format when an ASX file existed previously.
  • In the case that in an ASX file there is another ASX file, then ti would not execute correctly.
  • Fixed the bug that did not allow Audio/Video scenes to be captured correctly due to UNICODE.
  • New EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) option has be added.
  • In the case that that you cannot use VMR9/EVR there will be an error message with an X to let you know that you are not able to use it.
  • When clicking on a link, GOM will utilize your default browser instead of opening with IE.
  • Fixed the interface of the Video output page.
  • Has the ability to make a log.
  • Fixed the issue where the MKV video and A/V did not sync. (The time bar no longer goes backwards.)
  • Fixed the problem where particular AVI files had issues with audio syncing.
  • OpenDML play support has been built-in the AVI source filter.
  • Changed the priority order in the ASF/WMV file filter.
  • Improved Gretech ASF Source 2
  • FLV Network Filter production.
  • Theora Local File Source filter production.
  • AAC support in the Flv Source Filter
  • Built-in support to find the appropriate codec for .MOV files.

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